Developer & Designer

Picture of me in jacket

I’m Jacob Frank, a Creative Developer, Designer, student at RIT and former Intern at B-Reel NY. My goal is to make visually appealing websites and design and craft products for the people that need them most.

I want to solve problems and It’s less about the people who are looking ahead to the next smartphone, but how families will be able to put food on their table.

I’ve been a creative since I was young. I started with LEGO bricks, and moved on to Halo 3’s map maker before graduating to professional design tools, text editors, and notepads. 8 Year old me with legos

Having the ability to develop and design solutions is empowering. It’s the real world impact that matters, not the digital one. And right now I’m learning the skills I need to make that happen.

And hey, I’m looking for an internship this summer.


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