Jacob Frank

B-Reel NYC InternshipSpent summer 2017 at B-Reel NYC, Designing, Coding, and Learning


I spent the past summer in a paid internship with B-Reel in New York City. I primarily worked with the Development Team, helping to develop and design the implementation of components for clients such as AMEX and Quantcast. This was a great opportunity and incredible learning experience.

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My work at B-Reel is covered by an NDA, so I can't share visuals, code, designs or any other details publicly. Drop me an email if you'd like to know more and I'll get back to you asap.

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What I learned

B-Reel taught me what the design and development lifecycle was like at an agency, how to finish projects and work alongside a professional design team instead. This process showed me how to effectively communicate as a designer and developer.

I was also able to learn the JavaScript framework React on my own. Through experimentation and iteration, I learned a lot about the framework, as well as my own methods for learning software.


B-reel was a perfect learning environment for me. I was able to turn to professionals who could help me resolve difficult work. Instead of having to browse a Stack Overflow on my own, I was able to become more efficient and knowledgeable.


When the internship ended, I felt like I was leaving a family. However, I'm not sure I’ll miss implementing a custom-styled, accessible loading indicator that looks consistent across browsers - for a while.