Jacob Frank

Past projects:

Emergency system redesign

Created a prototype for an alert system following the Hawaii false alarm incident.


Spent about two weeks or so doing a redesign for an alert system. The project was really just an exercise in ui design but I wanted to go a bit harder. The problem was simple based on numerous articles showing how the Hawaii missle alert threat was the fault of bad design.

Use the prototype

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What I learned

This project was a lot of fun and my main goal for it was to craft a solid visual style since I've never done that before.

I also decided later on in the project that I should make small. I realized how much and to what scale I wanted this project to be so instead of getting myself anxious I decided to scale down and be okay with it.

selecting a type of alert to send

While researching for this project I started with looking up as much as I could learn about the reaction to it. I found about 10 different articles discussing design in relation to the incident. The big thing I learned from all of these was designing with friction for the user in mind.

My user flow


For my sketches I stuck with what I knew but also started learning about the backend of the system I was redesigining. It turns out this whole project was really just a design for a software that interacted with a government API called IPAWS.

Learn about IPAWS here

sketches sketches

The Rest

All my screens are in the prototype but here's a couple if you don't wanna click the dang link.

other comps other comps other comps other comps

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