Jacob Frank

PillsDesigned a set of posters for a local health advertisement


I was given the brief of creating a set of posters for a pill drive that would be on campus. Included with it was the required copy and a black & white requirement. What I'm most proud of with this project is what I learned because the work can always be better but you take away is the most important.

final for the project

Rough Iteration

In the beginning, I tried to take in what it really meant to have the pill. What it meant to throw it away, what it meant to use it. I went through every avenue looking for a possible problem that I could address to people with my poster. The tagline for this poster could either be a literal one or a visual one.

sketches for project

1st Set of posters... None of which I was happy about

After sketching I went straight to making what I saw in my head, of which, I regret. I ended up creating a set of posters that I wasn't very happy and it left me feeling confused. Where did I go wrong? Why does this all look like, well, like shit? So I took a step back and looked at more inspiration. What did people like Massimo Vignelli figure out so easily and understand that I couldn't scratch the surface of? I ended up iterating and just making crap, lots of crap.

1st draft for project

set of iterations

Learn by studying the best

My final set of posters were by far better than my first, second, third, etc, and yet they still aren't special. I'd like to be able to hang one up my work on my wall one day, right next to the poster of a lion on the moon I got off a t-shirt website. There's a lot of things I wish I'd done better on this project but that doesn't matter as much compared to what I've taken away from it. I learned to understand the intricacies of graphic designers, not much replicate their skill but understand it and that's one step in the right direction.