WebGL Summer

- JS, WebGL, Web Audio


Learn new skills. Currently, much of my time has been spent with Three.js. But, I’ve also experimented with the web audio API and p5.js. Some stills & demos are below.

Summer of 2016

See the Pen Spread by Jacob D Frank (@JacobDFrank) on CodePen.


I began this work as a way to fill my spare time with new challenges. In the end, I may have spent several weeks working on this little experiment, creating 40+ pieces of content. It was inspired by creatives like Beeple as well as friends like Luka Schulz who confronted a similar challenge.

Please look at some of my work I’ve created. Some are bonafide failures, most are not. After all, you learn the most from failure, right?

See the Pen GLSL Cyclic Automata by Jacob D Frank (@JacobDFrank) on CodePen.

Recently I've been learning basic GLSL on my own, the best part is taking a break halfway through and playing around with the shaders.

See the Pen fragmentShader-One by Jacob D Frank (@JacobDFrank) on CodePen.